In this article, you will find steps to creating a binder for keeping a track record of significant threads that weave your work into a fantastic book, i.e. ‘Book Bible.’

Need to gather following supplies
– 2” or three-ring binder. If you wish to include blurb, synopsis, tagline, and printed copy of your work at the end, then you’ll need a more massive binder.
– Depending on how detailed you want your bible to be, you need 1 or 2 Packs of dividers
– For storing images, and to handle long lists for handy references you need to pack of Pocket folders for three-ring binder
– Photos or pictures representing your characters and or unique items in your book

It is always advisable to make an index-style sheet with the sections labeled like CHARACTERS, Primary, Secondary, Setting, Rules, etc.
Let’s understand all these in short:

Start with a list of characters typed on a single page further divided into main characters and secondary characters. Give each character his page detailing including physical traits, internal-external conflicts, goals, secrets, family background and various many other things necessary to the particular character.

Whichever novel you write: whether a contemporary, historical or paranormal novel, you need to create a world. All this information goes in its section labeled ‘WORLD.’
Here you need to include a page for SETTING to set time of year, place, type of house, etc.

A page or section for RULES/CUSTOMS:
Rules, customs, laws of your world is necessary for historical and paranormals novels. You can also include special stipulations like terms of a will, inheritance, etc. here.

Each of these categories get their section in my book bible within the WORLD section. This usually applies to my paranormal works. But in case, if you’re writing historical novels, you can also include if you wish, a section on Weapons, Horses/Carriages//Transportation, etc.. You can also add any images and research information you might need to check facts at the later stage.

Include fabrics and styles of times you set your books, fashions of paranormal worlds. Include special jewelry/items or accessories that have magical powers. For contemporary novels, you can include a list of trends here or else you can also add things that are specific to your characters.
Quick reference research links and images are added here as well. You can also include a hierarchy of characters if your SETTING is in a made up world or deals with non-human/ special powers characters. This list can be included in specific sections such as Special Powers, Religion, or its section if you have an organization, brotherhood, exclusive club, etc. in your book.

A list of RESEARCH links, books, special information, and websites, is also essential for your book.

This section is excellent for paranormals, historical or fantasy novels where you use made up languages and words, need references for some specific time-period words/meanings or if a word is particular to a culture/region, etc. It is also great for a list of legal words if you’re writing a legal thriller, political thriller, foreign words with meanings, etc.

Final Notes:
The goal to create a book bible is to make reference easy.It is detailed or short, as per your need.

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