Japanese knotweed is one of the toughest plants to get rid of. Controlling it is very tough task. But everyone looks for ways on how to get rid of Japanese knotweed. One cannot get rid of Japanese knotweed easily, it requires a lot of patience. The most common method of getting rid of these Japanese knotweeds is using glyphosate herbicide in a high dosage. One dosage of the herbicide would not eradicate completely, the process needs to be repeated completely. Eradications of Japanese knotweeds may require some seasons too.

Usually roots of the knotweeds cannot be completely killed because sometimes the strongest weed killers too cannot penetrate deep into the roots of these knotweeds. The impact of the knotweed may also be prevalent after the death of the plant due to the presence of rhizomes in the soil. Therefore, the quality of the soil must be taken care of properly and excavated completely.

Some of the methods on how to get rid of Japanese knotweed are as follows:

  • Using tarps to choke knotweeds out
  • Cutting
  • Digging the rhizomes
  • Killing the knotweeds using herbicides

Usage of tarps: Tarps have been found to effective to get rid of tarps. Japanese knotweeds are usually called itadori, which signifies that it is a strong plant. The knotweeds are to be covered with tarps so that the sun rays do not reach the knotweeds. This will in turn help to inhibit the growth of the knotweeds. Investing on tarps is really a good option if you wish to know how to get rid of Japanese knotweeds. It has often been found that Japanese knotweeds can grow over the concrete floors, hence using tarps can help to kill knotweeds.

Using weed killers: Weed killers are considered useful for the treatment of Japanese knotweeds. If glyphosate is used on a regular basis as a garden sprayer, it can help to kill the Japanese knotweeds. Injecting the glyphosate herbicides into the canes of the knotweeds is an effective answer to How to get rid of Japanese knotweed. To get more beneficial results, these weed killers must be sprayed onto the leaves during the time late summer or early fall. Some of the famous glyphosate weed killers are Touchdown, Landmaster, Ranger, Pondmaster and others.

Cutting and Digging: Cutting and digging are considered to be the less effective method to get rid of these Japanese knotweeds. If the knotweeds are cut down all throughout the summer, it will inhibit the process of photosynthesis thereby being a hindrance to the growth of Knotweeds. To know how to get rid of Japanese knotweed, the sprouts must be cut down along with spraying the herbicides.

Regular digging out of Japanese knotweed will also help to get rid of them, as the remaining rhizome clumps would be continuously dugout. This is effective if they are dug during the spring of roots and shoots. If these methods are followed properly, one can immediately get rid of the Japanese knotweeds. However, it followed continuously with patience, one may easily find out how to get rid of the Japanese knotweed.

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