Human Resource challenges facing organisations today have become increasingly complex, hence the need for practical advice and technical assistance on the day to day HR issues facing your organisation. Your organisation requires a service that is fast and easily accessible and has solutions that keep management informed, minimize risk and regulate cost in employee management.

HR consulting is aimed at assisting organisations to re-organise and re-engineer successfully through meticulous advance preparation and planning which addresses employee’s practical needs and provides support services essential to achieving the goals of the organisation and improving efficiency and communication within the workforce. Some of the areas covered in HR consultancy include:

– Job Analysis and Evaluation

– Performance Management

– Review of Organisational Structure

– Recruitment and Retention of Employees

– Employment and Labour Laws

– Reward Management

– Training & Strategic Planning

– Process Improvement

– Strategy Development


Simply put, a strategy is a guide or a roadmap that shows an organisation which changes to implement in order to improve efficiency and achieve the organisation’s goals. It is both a template on which management structures its decisions around and a tool to construct the company’s plans for the future and the course of action to be taken.

A strategy will allow the company to position itself effectively within its environment in order to achieve its maximum output and also monitor the environment for any changes that may affect its operations and alter its strategic plan accordingly. Essentially a strategy defines your current position and outlines how you are going to get to your desired position.


HR Consulting works together with management to develop a step by step process that will give the organisation a clear roadmap to achieving its long-term and short-term goals. Development of the strategy may include a survey conducted within organisations internal environment that is suited to the needs of the management. Surveys include 360 degree surveys, employee engagement and a range of other HR consulting services.

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