The Early Years Direct company is one of the premier manufactures for children. The Early Year’s furniture range encompasses a plethora of different makes and models, designed to help children learn and explore, while also ensuring their safety. As part of the BESA, Early Years Direct is committed to the long-term growth and development of children. Now let’s take a more in-depth look at the company.

 Who are Early Years Direct?

Based in Gloucestershire, England, Early Years Direct set up their home in England’s south-west countryside in 2007. Since then they have been making a wide selection of specially designed apparatus for children, ranging from toys to furniture among many other things. In fact, The Early Years furniture range can boast of being one of the most specialised children’s ranges in the country. But what does this range consist of?

 What’s on Offer

The Early Year’s furniture range contains more than 11 different categories, each with multiple items, so there is a great selection to choose from. From chairs to tables to shelf units, Early Years furniture has every type gear for parents to entertain and take care of their children. They also specialise in toys not just for kids to have fun, but so that children can learn along the way. From bookcases to healthy eating puzzles, Early Year’s furniture range does a great job in promoting childhood education. But one particular category deserves a very special discussion.


The B-Ply section is the main attraction of the Early Years furniture range. B-Ply is specialised furniture that is designed to keep kids comfortable and safe. With special laminate or wood design finishes, tables and chairs look sleek and attractive, while also be harmless to children. With so many different pieces of furniture to choose from, the B-Ply section makes it possible to create your very own nursery at home, complete with a kitchen set, a living room set and a bookshelf.

 Special Offers

There’s also some great deals on at the moment in the Early Direct furniture catalogue, and some really are can’t miss. From large reductions in the prices of both mats and lights to multipack deals, there’s bound to be some offer to interest everyone. They even give out special prizes for kids if customers do website reviews. With a website that’s easy to navigate, has free delivery for orders above

£75 and free returns as well, Early Years Direct has set themselves up quite nicely to have a bright future in the kid’s furniture market. Just last week they had the Nursery World North competition, so it’s never a bad time to visit the website.

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