India is one of the largest producers of engineering workforce.Engineering is one of the most popular choices among students who wish to undergo undergraduate and postgraduate studies in India, thus making India one of the largest producers of engineers in recent times. Every year hundred and thousands students come out of university with engineering degrees in their hands with the hope of making it big in the fields of their choices, from this point onward begins the real struggle. First of all there are thousands of engineering colleges in the country but according to a survey only about 3000 of them have the necessary recognition and affiliation. Few of them yet are deemed universities. Today colleges have become engineer producing machines but do the current scenario or job markets have the opportunities necessary to employ these lakhs of students who hold an engineering degree? Another point that fetches our consideration is whether these students are they equipped with the skills set necessary to guarantee them a prosperous career? These challenges are faced by students as well as the industry. As per few recent surveys done to assess the employability of fresh engineering graduates by giving them some real life situation based to mechanical engineering and electrical engineering students and coding skills and programming logic to computer and IT related fields of engineering and the results were shocking. About 63% of students could not get through the mock drill. This result came as shock to students and to parents as well. Who is to be blame for this alarming situation? Industry Experts believe that the lack of quality education in the engineering colleges those are rapidly increasing across the country is to blame for this miserable condition. Most private colleges charge heavy fee without adequate system for monitoring the quality of education and without exposure to practical challenges faced in the field. The curriculum followed in many colleges is often outdated and does not have the infrastructure to carry out necessary education.


On the contrary in the recent times, Madhya Pradesh is emerging as hub for technical education for students in and around MP. With due importance to the requirement of recent times and adequate infrastructural facilities engineering colleges in Indore are able to create industry ready workforce of engineers. These colleges are actually able to aligning ambitions with capabilities with the dream of India making manufacturing hub of the world.Make in India’ is the Indian government’s flagship program aimed at promoting manufacturing and services in India and inviting foreign investments. The bitter truth, however, remains that the quality of education and skills that we produce are not in sync with such colossal ambitions. As students and parents of students, we also need to realize that Engineering is a career, a calling. More importantly it is a set of skills one learns – not merely a status symbol. The need of the hour says that there is serious consideration to be done before enrolling in any of the colleges and programme. Any negligence may lead to serious consequence and could lead to default career.


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