Unless you recently arrived in the United Kingdom, you have probably heard about the Government’s Free Boiler Grant programme or the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme. It was introduced by the government in 2013 to help replace old inefficient boilers rated C and G with new A-rated boilers at no cost to citizens.

The scheme obligated the major energy companies to provide free boiler upgrades for households which struggled to heat their homes due to inefficient and faulty equipment. The plan targeted millions of households which spent over 10% of their annual income on fuel. Successful applicants would receive a grant for a new boiler that significantly lowered their fuel bill.

Around 2.5 million households could be beneficiaries of the scheme. And Major Energy Companies will provide the sum of £1.3 billion every year, within the program’s period of existence, as part funding. Qualified households are expected to make the partial contribution toward this upgrade. The programme will be available until the end of Energy Company Obligation (ECO) in September 2018.

However, there have been issues with the implementation of the scheme due to the cost to the energy companies. Some providers have intentionally adjusted the qualification criteria to exclude many households which should actually qualify. Who qualifies for this upgrade? Do you qualify? Below is a short list to help you find out the most important details for this scheme:

  1. Applications are only accepted from homeowners and private tenants. Private tenants must obtain the homeowner’s consent in writing.
  2. Pensioners applying for the scheme must have Pension Guarantee Credit, as well as the state pensions.
  3. Categories of boilers included in the scheme are non-condensing gas boilers, as well as condensing boilers with an efficiency of less than 86%.
  4. The household’s existing boiler must have a rating of between b and G; A and B rated boilers are ineligible.

With these criteria, you will have access to your ideal oil boiler grant and the benefits they bring.

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